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James Corden celebrates 10 years of YouTube with ode to the endless online wormhole

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James Corden is set to host an entire Late Late Show from the YouTube Space in Los Angeles, California, so it’s only natural that he kicks off the episode with what has launched so many (ironic and legitimate) YouTube stars: an original song.

The episode, which airs Friday night, opens with a musical number that Corden and his crew have released early, featuring the talk show host’s love letter to “the greates gift that God could ever give.” With cameos from Rebecca Black and the man behind the Double Rainbow video Paul Vasquez, as well as nods to some of the other biggest viral htis like “Star Wars Kid” and “David After Dentist,” Corden celebrates the decade of time spent watching videos while we all should have been working.

See the musical opening above and tune into The Late Late Show – or, perhaps as Corden seems to already know, watch them on YouTube Monday morning at your desk – to see the full YouTube episode.

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