Ian Goldstein
August 26, 2015 AT 01:47 PM EDT

In order to promote Angry Birds 2, Jimmy Kimmel recruited his Aunt Chippy to dress up as the titular character on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Aunt Chippy was joined by his Kimmel’s cousin Sal and the director, Zack, in trying to get the shoot to run as smoothly as possible.

Called Aunt Chirpy for the review, Chippy squawked several times and was asked if she could launch herself off of a slingshot to mimic the gameplay. She told the crew, quite rightly: “This 76-year-old ass ain’t going over no slingshot.”

One of the best moments came when Zack insisted Chippy have a spoonful of honey to give her energy for the rest of the shoot.

“You’re getting on my nerves,” she told Zack. “Ask Sal, I have no compunctions about slapping the s— out of anybody.”

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