Team Coco
Ian Goldstein
August 26, 2015 AT 02:34 PM EDT

“It’s very important that you remain still,” actress Kristin Chenoweth warned Conan O’ Brien on Tuesday night’s episode of Conan.

Chenoweth admitted to O’Brien that she likes to manscape her male friends. The host then gave her a pair of tweezers after she said she could “go to town” on his “brow issues.”

As she began the manscaping session, Chenoweth specified that she didn’t want to hear any crying. But O’Brien couldn’t abide as the self-declared “national treasure” began tearing when Chenoweth continued to tweeze.

“I’m crying!” O’Brien yelled. The host then revealed the true reason for his watery eyes: “One Direction’s breaking up!”

Watch the clip below to see Chenoweth prove that even Conan can cry.

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