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Madison Vain
August 26, 2015 AT 02:10 PM EDT

Toby Keith has ended (probably) countless concerts by now with the rejoinder, “Never apologize for being patriotic! F–k ’em!” but at a recent stint in Charlotte, North Carolina when he brought 93-year-old vet Lt. Col. Harry Frizzell who served for over 30 years and in four wars, Keith was overcome when honoring Frizzell.

He handed over the mic after dedicating “American Soldier” and “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue,” and Frizzell said he was from Oklahoma, “just like this gentleman”, gesturing to Keith. “In World War II, I was in Manila, 1945—it’s been a while ago. I got recalled from Korea and I flew armed helicopters in Vietnam,” he said to deafening applause. “Thirty-five years,” he continued, “and I’m so proud to be a representative of the United States of America.”

Keith lost it halfway through, dipping behind the bill of his cowboy hat before having to excuse himself from the stage. Frizzell begins his speech at the 10:50 mark in the footage below.

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