Kelly Connolly
August 28, 2015 AT 02:56 PM EDT

Imagine a parent-teacher conference with Conan O’Brien and Adam Sandler.

This isn’t a movie pitch; this is real life for one teacher and a room full of parents. Sandler jokingly volunteered O’Brien for some weekly responsibilities in their kids’ classroom, leading the two to text for days after. 

“I said, ‘You made a fool out of me tonight. I won’t forget it anytime soon.’ And he said, ‘I made you a star. You will eat those words,” Conan recited from his phone in a scrapped bit from Thursday’s show. 

Check out the video above to see how O’Brien’s star lost its shine, and weigh in: Is it just us, or does the host’s Adam Sandler impression sound a bit like the Terminator?

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