Ian Goldstein
September 04, 2015 AT 01:39 PM EDT

When Andrew Garfield was a struggling teenage actor, he worked at Starbucks to pay the bills. And as he revealed on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he was hopeful that the experience would be “the John Hughes movie [he’d] been waiting to live within.”

Garfield had envisioned a scenario in which his place of employment would be fairly littered with “multiple girls reading literature with black-rimmed glasses,” and he’d be the barista to “woo” and “[win] them all.” 

The 99 Homes star confessed that, naturally, that fantasy did not come to fruition. For the most part, however, Garfield enjoyed working at Starbucks, even though nobody was buying coffee in North London: “English people were like, ‘What’s coffee?’ It was the early 2000s.” 

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