Oliver Gettell
September 07, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EDT

The world still doesn’t know what to make of Kanye West’s announcement that he wants to run for president in 2020. Was he serious? If so, how long has he been planning it? And will he still feel the same way in a few years?

For now, though, someone with bona fide White House experience — former first daughter Chelsea Clinton — has weighed in on the notion of Yeezus for President.

In the wake of the rapper-producer’s sprawling speech declaring his ambitions at last week’s MTV’s Video Music Awards, Clinton said in an interview with the network that West’s words could inspire young people to think about politics.

“Who runs for office is really important,” Clinton says in a video teaser for the interview, which will air Tuesday morning. “And even if [West] just saying that helps spark a little boy or a little girl who was watching the VMAs to think, ‘Oh wow, maybe I should do that,’ that’s awesome.”

For the record, Clinton said, “You’d have to ask him” whether West would really run for president. When pressed whether she’d vote for the Louis Vuitton Don, Clinton shrewdly said, “I think it depends on who he’d be running against.” (We’ll give you three guesses who she’s referring to.)

As for who he’d be running with, is it too soon to predict a West-Clinton ticket?

Watch a preview of Chelsea Clinton’s MTV interview below.

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