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Devan Coggan
September 08, 2015 AT 05:48 PM EDT

Emily Browning stars in the upcoming Legend as Frances Shea, the young wife of legendary mobster Reggie Kray. (Tom Hardy plays both Reggie and his twin brother, Ron.) Although Browning says she relished the chance to play the troubled young woman, she told the Guardian that characters like Frances Shea are the exception rather than the rule. Instead, she said, she’s struggled to find rich, complicated female roles in Hollywood.

“I’m so determined not to play the hot babe that doesn’t say anything, that can’t have an opinion, but it’s so difficult to resist all of that,” Browning said. “Hollywood movies are made for white men, and that’s something I think about and which bothers me all the time.”

Although Browning has landed some diverse female roles during her career, like the badass Babydoll in Sucker Punch or the aspiring musician struggling with an eating disorder in God Help the Girl, she said the sexism she’s faced has been disheartening.

“The sad thing is it’s so consistent, and so present,” she added. “Sometimes you don’t even notice it.”

Legend will hit theaters on Oct. 2.

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