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Dalton Ross
September 11, 2015 AT 09:16 PM EDT

Each week, host Julie Chen will answer a few questions about the latest events on Big Brother.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Julia told Liz she wanted her to stay because she had a better chance of winning. I honestly don’t know how to feel about that. Is that a strong strategic move because it is playing the percentages to bring one of them money, or should someone never lay down and sacrifice themselves in what is ultimately an individual game? What’s your take?

JULIE CHEN: They were womb mates, for Pete’s sake!!!!! Therefore, in this case they truly are one. It’s like sacrificing a weakened limb so the rest of the body can survive! I am pretty sure they would split the money if either won. 50-50.

You asked Julia about how long Liz and Austin’s relationship may last outside of the house. You’ve seen a lot of showmances come and go. What is your favorite Big Brother showmance ever?

In a word? Brenchel. I grew to love Rachel and her ways and Brendon is as devoted as they come. They are true soul mates and I am happy Big Brother brought them together. We’re the new dating site. 

Well, we’re down to only five players left, and what’s amazing is that there is actually a potential path to victory for everyone left in the game. Not sure the last time that has happened, if ever. Does that speak to a lot of really strong gameplay or just nobody really separating themselves from the pack?

It’s crazy. The zero loyalty factor this season has taken all these players so far. Who knew having no true friends to watch your back could get you so far in Big Brother? Just goes to show expect the unexpected. Truly.  

Julie, once again we’ve had no Pandora’s Box this season! You know how much I love that twist, so what gives? Why are you torturing me like this?

Torture is Chenbot’s middle name.  I will put it in the suggestion box bring back Pandora’s Box.  

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