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Fall TV Preview: The Ultimate Thursday Night Viewing Guide

EW's picks for what to watch live and what to DVR on Thursdays this Fall

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Stuck wondering what to watch live (and what to DVR and catch up on later) this fall? EW has broken it down for you, using the super scientific method of what staffers are most excited about. Follow our guide each night for your ultimate viewing pleasure … and spend the weekends catching up on everything you taped!

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8 p.m. ET

Watch Live: Heroes: Reborn (NBC. Sept. 24)
Why? The highly anticipated return of the Heroes franchise is sure to have fans talking. So either get in on the conversation or get something spoiled. It’s really that simple.

DVR: Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, Sept. 24) / The Vampire Diaries (The CW, Oct. 8)
Why? If your DVR can only handle two shows at once, you have a tough choice to make: Both Grey’s Anatomy and The Vampire Diaries are undergoing some big changes after the loss of a major character — McDreamy and Elena Gilbert — and we can’t wait to see how both shows move forward.

9 p.m. ET

Watch Live: Scandal (ABC, Sept. 24)
Why? Here’s the thing about Scandal: If you do not watch it live, it will get spoiled for you. There’s almost no way to avoid it. It’s one of the biggest shows on social media, and considering that it’s known for its WTF moments, you should probably just watch live.

DVR: The Originals (The CW, Oct. 8)
Heading into season 3, the Mikaelson family is as intriguing as ever, with Freya officially in the mix, new vampires in town, and Davina ruling the witches. Either record it or risk Klaus coming after you.

10 p.m. ET

Watch Live: How to Get Away With Murder (ABC, Sept. 24)
Why? Much like its sister show, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder is nothing if not full of shocking plot twists that will instantly be plastered all over every social media outlet out there. So, our advice? Just watch it live.

DVR: Nathan for You (Comedy Central, Oct. 15)
Why? The second season of Nathan for You will provide the perfect amount of comic relief to an otherwise stressful night. Wind down with a bit of humor to end out your Thursday. It’s good for you.

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