Christian Holub
September 11, 2015 AT 06:53 PM EDT

Sooner or later, most every comedic actor tries their hand at drama — to varying results. Sarah Silverman tackles this delicate transition in Adam Salky’s I Smile Back, playing a housewife and mother whose under-the-radar issues start bubbling to the surface.

The film debuted at Sundance and screens next Wednesday at the Toronto International Film Festival, and the new trailer teases the premise. Silverman’s character Laney has a kind husband (Josh Charles) and two adorable kids she loves very much. Her life is pleasant and full — she loves laughing with her kids and originally won her husband over with her easy smile. But things slowly take a turn for the worse, as Laney’s issues (apparently including alcoholism, mental-health issues, and an estranged father) start to become too much for her to handle. Scenes of her blindly drifting her car into traffic hint at how dark the movie might get, but the title also contains a note of hope. “I’d love to smile like that again,” Laney says at trailer’s end.

I Smile Back hits theaters Oct. 23

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