Shirley Li
September 11, 2015 AT 07:24 PM EDT

After 11 seasons as Meredith Grey, Ellen Pompeo can obviously tackle unwieldy medical dialogue. But what about monologues about law, à la Annalise Keating, or passionate speeches, Olivia Pope-style?

EW asked the Grey’s Anatomy star to lose the scrubs and do her best impersonations of the two Shondaland leading women, and Pompeo readily agreed. She first stepped into Viola Davis’ How to Get Away With Murder power heels, tackling a few memorable lines from the drama. “And that’s how you get away with murder,” she recites, glaring at the camera. 

Next came Kerry Washington’s Scandal character. “It’s handled,” Pompeo says, before launching into another one of Washington’s iconic Olivia Pope moments. Watch Pompeo’s takes on the characters above. 

Watch Pompeo’s takes on the characters above. 


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