Samantha Highfill
September 17, 2015 AT 03:24 PM EDT

In Billboard‘s most recent issue, Jimmy Fallon talks about all things late-night, specifically the time Justin Bieber backed out on doing a sketch at the last minute. 

Bieber was on the Tonight Show to perform his new single “What Do You Mean?”, and had planned on doing a sketch, much like Fallon does with most of his guests. However,as Billboard notes, Bieber called off the segment at the last minute. 

“It’s like, I don’t care,” Fallon told Billboard. “I mean, I wish they’d told me weeks ago because today’s the day, and now we have to crunch and think of an idea to do. And I have to apologize to the crew guys who built the set and the wardrobe people and everyone. But it’s not what he does. He’s here to sing, so as long as he’s comfortable and it sounds good then we did our job. And if I talk to him and make him funny and make him look good, that’s my job. That’s all I have to do.”

For more, read the full article over at Billboard.

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