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Christian Holub
September 18, 2015 AT 06:37 PM EDT

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will bring Superman back to the big screen next year, and — as star Henry Cavill has said — that film expands the world seen in Man of Steel but is “not a Superman sequel.”

But what might a Man of Steel 2 look like? In a recent video for Screen Junkies, screenwriter Max Landis (American Ultra, Chronicle) pitched his vision for the film.

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Some of Landis’ ideas — such as characterizing Lex Luthor as “an evil Elon Musk” and sowing the seeds for future Justice League movies — seem to have made their way into Batman v Superman. But others, such as casting a Tom Hanks-like figure as Luthor and having his corporation “sponsor” Superman, are still waiting to be tapped. Perhaps Landis’ best idea is the way his whole movie would move from the wanton destruction of Man of Steel to a Superman that would focus on saving lives in a big battle.

Batman v Superman is set for a March 25, 2016, release date. We’ll have to wait and see how it compares to Landis’ pitch, which you can see above. 

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