Douglas Gorenstein/NBC
Ian Goldstein
September 30, 2015 AT 10:43 AM EDT

Julianne Moore appeared on Tuesday night’s episode of The Tonight Show to play “Box of Lies” with Jimmy Fallon. And if the host was nervous about having to lie an Oscar-winning actress, it was hard to tell.

The recurring Tonight Show game had Moore and Fallon open boxes at random and determine whether the other was lying about the contents of each box.

After incorrectly guessing that Moore lied about what was in her first box (a super soft garbage can), Fallon had opened his box to discover a naked doll on rollerblades — the host joked it was “from his personal collection.”

Fallon told the Freeheld star he had a Babysitter’s Club book with his name in macaroni on it, something random enough to be believable in a game like this. But the actress insisted he was telling the truth until Fallon revealed the doll and promptly stated: “You should give me the Oscar.”

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Watch the clip below to see the final box’s contents: a meta picture of Fallon interviewing Moore just moments earlier in the show, puzzling Fallon and Moore as to how the picture even got there.

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