The 10 most-promising Voice contestants |


The 10 most-promising Voice contestants

The Blind Auditions are over. Here's who to look out for during the Battle Rounds.

(Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice spent its first five episodes adding singers to this year’s roster of hopefuls yearning to make it big. When the Blind Auditions came to a close, we were left with four teams of 12 talented performers, and we know the winner of The Voice’s ninth season is somewhere in that group. Here’s our preliminary ranking of the 10 singers you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on (and, a very premature prediction of who will take it all). 

10. Jeffery Austin – Team Gwen

Jeffery auditioned with Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down.” That is not a tune you take on unless you know what you’re doing. From his first note, Jeffery maintained complete control not only of the notes he hit, but also of the emotional resonance of the song as well. He only had one coach turn, which might mean Blake, Pharrell, and Adam are less likely to steal him in the Battle Rounds should Gwen drop him. But look out for a longer run for the soulful singer.

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9. Andi & Alex – Team Adam

In their audition, these twins showed off not just their vocal ability (of which they have plenty), but their talent at arranging music, as well. Let’s hope that Adam gets out of their way when they get going in this competition because their version of Dido’s “Thank You” was masterful. What they need to do now is let their individual personalities show and show the audience what they can do with an up-tempo number.

8. Tyler Dickerson – Team Blake

Tyler has one of the biggest presences on stage of any singer we saw this season. He’s been in the biz since he was just a kid, so he has years of practice rocking an audience. That ability becomes much more important now that the Blinds are over. Along with great energy comes a voice with both depth and range to spare. Tyler is also one of the few true Southern rock singers this season, and we all saw how well that worked out for Craig Wayne Boyd.

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