Ariana Bacle
October 08, 2015 AT 04:14 PM EDT

“I think it might have been irresponsible for us to procreate,” Sharon Horgan says in the season 2 trailer for Catastrophe, a British sitcom she created and stars in along with fellow comedian Rob Delaney. Too late for that: The trailer begins with Horgan’s character — also named Sharon — screaming through labor.

Catastrophe originally aired on the United Kingdom’s Channel 4 beginning in January before Amazon Prime began exclusively streaming the series, which EW’s Melissa Maerz dubbed “the best rom-com for people who don’t like rom-coms,” in June. 

Although the trailer stays true to Catastrophe‘s rom-com roots by showing Sharon and Rob navigating their messy and delightful relationship, it also gives a glimpse at what the supporting characters are up to.

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“Everyone that you meet in season 1 we spend more time with, and the catastrophe in this series is obviously the s— that happens to us, but we really put those other characters through the mill,” Horgan recently told EW of the second season. “So if you like Chris, and the American asshole Dave and all those guys, then I think the catastrophe in season 2 is what ends up happening to all of them.”

Catastrophe returns to Channel 4 Oct. 27. Watch the trailer below.

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