Ian Goldstein
October 08, 2015 AT 11:40 AM EDT

More than twenty years after the release of Speed, Keanu Reeves has reprised his role of SWAT officer Jack Traven. Sort of.

On Wednesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Reeves — who famously didn’t come back for the official Speed sequel, Speed 2: Cruise Control — teamed with Kimmel for A Reasonable Speed, a movie that’s pretty much the antithesis to the original Speed. Here, Reeves is shown obeying stop signs and looking in both directions before entering an intersection — actions that make more sense when you realize A Reasonable Speed is “the first movie ever produced by the California Highway Patrol.”

The action reaches a climax when Kimmel encounters a speed bump and Reeves yells for him to “slow down” because “20 is plenty!” But Kimmel, playing the “maniac” character forges ahead.

It may not be Speed but it’s close enough.

Watch the clip below to see Kimmel learn the hard way that he should never “talk and drive.”

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