Ian Goldstein
October 08, 2015 AT 12:28 PM EDT

Though Apple has garnered the public’s attention with the release of Steve Jobs — a film that recounts Jobs’ life and innovations — nobody has paid much attention to another figure in the computer industry: Michael Dell.

On Wednesday night’s episode of Conan, the story of the Dell Inc. founder was told in the trailer for Michael Dell.

Where Steve Jobs thrived on innovation and thinking different, Michael Dell showed a less imaginative approach. “Don’t think different, think same,” Dell told his employees.

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And where Jobs gave inspiring keynotes, Dell addressed his audience with friendly updates. “Hi, nothing new to report at Dell. We haven’t made any new computers yet. So, uh, we’ll just keep selling the old ones for now.”

One of the highlights of the trailer came when it was revealed that Dell designed his company’s logo. When an employee asked Dell why the E should be slanted, Dell responded: “I don’t know. Doesn’t matter. Nothing matters.”

Watch the clip above for the less-than-inspiring trailer for Michael Dell.


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