Megan Daley
October 09, 2015 AT 05:19 PM EDT

On the same day Bill Cosby is scheduled to sit for a deposition with an attorney, NBC’s Dateline will be airing its special, The Cosby Accusers Speak, an exclusive interview with 27 of the women who have brought forward allegations of sexual assault against the comedian.  

NBC’s Kate Snow, who conducted the roundtable interview, appeared on the Today show to discuss the upcoming hour-long piece, as well as Cosby’s deposition, during which he will answer questions from attorney Gloria Allred – who Snow also spoke with for the report – regarding an alleged incident back in 1974 involving Cosby and Judy Huth.

The segment showed footage from the interview with the 27 women, as each person was given the opportunity to share their story publicly; some, for the first time. 

“It’s insane that people actually think that any of us would’ve come together to bring down some celebrity, whose celebrity already started to fade long before we came forward,” Eden Tirl said in the clip. “We came forward to say – we’re using our voices to say, ‘This isn’t okay.’”

The Cosby Accusers Speak airs Friday at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. Check out the full Today segment below. 

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