Ian Goldstein
October 10, 2015 AT 01:41 PM EDT

After reviewing life-hacks courtesy of the internet, Stephen Colbert wanted to introduce his own in a new segment called “Life Hacked” on Friday night’s episode of The Late Show.

Colbert provided life-hacks that included freeing up computer memory by deleting all the photos of your baby and getting a pumpkin spice latte quicker by pretending you have someone else’s name.

But one of the best life hacks included one about forgetting co-workers’ names.

“Can’t remember your co-worker’s name and are embarrassed to ask again? Just start calling them ‘honey,’ ‘baby’, or ‘bootylicious,’” Colbert said. “When they sue you for sexual harassment the subpoena will have their names written on the bottom.”

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Watch the clip below to see Colbert use a life-hack help him get out of the segment.

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