Christopher Rosen
October 11, 2015 AT 08:56 PM EDT

A decent-sized chunk of the massive Gotham cast stopped by the EW and Sirius XM suite at New York Comic Con on Sunday to discuss the show’s second season and its rise of the villains.

Stars Ben McKenzie, Jessica Lucas, Michael Chiklis, Robin Lord Taylor, Erin Richards, James Frain, and Cory Michael Smith had much to say about the battle between good and evil inside Gotham City, where the line between the two sides has become increasingly blurred. But if there’s one character who serves as a counterpoint to all that gray, it’s Chiklis’ Captain Nathaniel Barnes.

“Someone has to push back,” Chiklis said of his character, who serves as boss to McKenzie’s Jim Gordon. “He is slipping into an ends-justify-the-means form,” Chiklis said of Gordon. “Which I’ve dealt with previously in my career [on The Shield]. But interestingly I’m on the other side of that now — Barnes is a law and order zealot. But you start to get reveals of why the way he is down the line.”

Gotham aired its third season 2 episode last week, and it was a doozy: a major character was killed off, leaving the series with more questions than answers. Will Barnes be able to stabilize Gotham? Watch the cast discuss the darker edge to season 2 in the video above.

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