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Christopher Rosen
October 11, 2015 AT 07:41 PM EDT

Bradley Cooper was the hero of Limitless, but on the CBS adaptation of the 2011 hit, Cooper’s Eddie Morra has become a more ominous figure. So does that make him the season’s villain?

Speaking to EW at New York Comic Con on Sunday, Limitless star Jake McDorman, who plays Brian Finch on the new show, was unsure.

“I think from Brian’s perspective, there are some sinister elements to Eddie,” McDorman said. “I think Eddie Mora has a plan. You saw the inception of it in the movie. He accumulated a lot of money on Wall Street, and by the end of the movie he moved into politics and was just starting to run for senator. This is four years later. We don’t know how much that plan has germinated or what it has germinated into. From the small sliver we’re seeing from Brian’s perspective, [Eddie is] definitely very powerful and very scary.”

Airing Tuesdays on CBS, Limitless is about what happens when a mild-mannered man takes the mind-expanding drug NZT and is pushed into helping the FBI solve cases. Itt’s that service aspect separates Brian from his movie counterpart, who took the drug as a way to improve his own standing in life.

“In the movie, what [Eddie] used the pill to do was a self-serving angle,” McDorman said. “Where Brian is using it to help people. And he’s now trapped in a situation where he has to do it over and over and over.”

Cooper, who is executive producer on the series, will return to Limitless for a guest appearance on Oct. 27. Check out McDorman and costar Jennifer Carpenter discussing the show and the exact make-up of the NZT pills in the video above.

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