Michael Kovac/Getty Images
Jessica Goodman
October 13, 2015 AT 12:40 PM EDT

New Metallica is on the way. The band’s frontman James Hetfield confirmed in a new interview that they are currently recording a new album.

“I tell ya, we’re recording right now, and there’s the number one guitar, there’s the number two guitar, there’s the number three,” he says in a video interview with EMG. “And the third-track guitars that just sound different. They all sound different.”

Metallica last released an album in 2008 with Death Magnetic, and they’ve been teasing a new collection since early this year. “I don’t think we hit the middle point yet,” guitarist Kirk Hammett told Billboard in April when asking about making a new album. “I would say we’re at the 25 per cent point, maybe 30 per cent point. It’s hard to say, but I mean we are working on it and there are songs and we’re making plans to write more songs and record.”

Drummer Lars Ulrich made similar statements back in March when he told Rolling Stone, “We’ve got lots of songs, and we’re honing them and tweaking them. It’s pretty close.”

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