Megan Daley
October 16, 2015 AT 09:45 PM EDT

Sometimes when you meet the love of your life, rather than run into their arms, you run to your mother and avoid making eye contact with said love because, of course, “it’s a lot.” At least, this was the case for 3-year-old Mila when she met Adam Levine on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 

Earlier this month, she got pretty emotional when she discovered that the singer was married—and the video of her reaction went viral. So, naturally she was a little shy upon their first meeting, which was a complete surprise to her. 

Once the meet-and-greet was over, Levine revealed he’d seen the video, and his wife, Behati Prinsloo, was one of the first to send it his way—although, many followed her lead. “It was kind of heartbreaking but it was so unbelievably cute,” Levine said. “Every single person that I know—in my entire life—sent it to me.”

Watch the full interaction, above.


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