Jonathon Dornbush
October 23, 2015 AT 12:51 PM EDT

The Force was strong with Disney’s plans to debut the latest Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer in China with a fan event held on the Great Wall.

Four giant Chinese characters that translate to “The Force Awakens” were lit up on the Great Wall, while 500 Stormtrooper statues were lined up on the stairs leading to one of the Wall’s guard towers. Fans were also given lightsabers at the celebration.

As The Hollywood Reporter noted, The Force Awakens still does not have a release date in China, but Chinese company Tencent recently made a deal with Disney and 20th Century Fox to allow the first six Star Wars films to be shown on the company’s online streaming service. The film is, however, set to hit theaters in North America on Dec. 18, and a day earlier in the U.K. and some other territories.

For footage of the Great Wall event, check out the CNN video coverage below. For more on the trailer, read EW’s deep dive on the secrets behind the latest peek into the upcoming film

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