Madison Vain
October 23, 2015 AT 01:01 PM EDT

You know what’s really hard? Getting a 17-year-old boy to follow the rules. But that didn’t stop Ellen DeGeneres from trying. The guys from 5 Seconds of Summer — all ranging from 17 to 19 — stopped by her show to play a game together.

But it doesn’t take more than, well, five seconds into her explaning the 5 Second Rule game (DeGeneres names a category, they have five seconds to answer the question and hit the button) before things start falling apart. From Michael Clifford yelling out “Will Smith” in response to the prompt of which stars go by one name only to no one being able to name a swear word you can say on television (Calum Hood goes for, “butterknuckles!”), check it out below. 

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