Comedy Central
Ariana Bacle
October 28, 2015 AT 08:42 PM EDT

Abbi and Ilana aren’t about to wear lingerie and heels on Halloween in New York City. “Maybe we just don’t need Halloween to express our sluttiness is all,” Ilana (Ilana Glazer) wonders aloud before the two — who are having this interaction via video chat, of course — switch into their very conservative costumes in a new installment of Hack Into Broad City.

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Abbi dresses up as Ruth Bader Ginsburg while Ilana chooses Judge Judy. And the two both rock their floor-length gowns: “Mumus get a bad rap,” Abbi says. “I am so cozy.”

Watch the clip above, and see Broad City when it returns to Comedy Central in 2016.

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