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Ariana Bacle
October 28, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EDT

FX canceled Married after two seasons, therefore depriving viewers of a future spent binging on episodes filled with award-worthy performances by Judy Greer. And although the actress is far from being hard up for work — in this year alone, she appeared in Grandma, Jurassic World, Tomorrowland, and Ant-Man — we have a few ideas for which shows she should bring her sparkling acting to next:


The Comedy Central show is about three guys who don’t have their s— together, spend too much money on costumes for a wizard-themed music video and are therefore forced to rent out a bedroom to a woman who’s even more of an anti-workaholic than they are. Greer’s previously appeared on Workaholics relativeIt’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a comedy with a similar mentality, so she can definitely hold her own in a group of manboys — now it’s just time for her to be one of them.

The Last Man on Earth

Greer plays Lena (Married shout-out!), an Austrian transplant who only speaks German and got by in America just fine pre-apocalypse thanks to her bilingual aunt. Sadly, her aunt passed away with the rest of society when the virus struck, so Lena struggles quite a bit when she finally finds human civilization in Malibu. Playing a fish out of water — er, an Austrian out of Austria — will give Greer a chance to take centerstage and show off a wackier sense of humor, à la her role as Kitty in Arrested Development.

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Speaking of Arrested Development, it only makes sense for Greer to reunite with a fellow alum (Jeffrey Tambor, in this case), and Transparent couldn’t be a more perfect fit: Like Married, it’s a dark comedy of sorts, and Greer would fit right in as a family therapist who’s doing the best to guide the Pffermans through life while also battling her own demons — and finding herself on the receiving end of Sarah’s kind-of-inappropriate advances (you didn’t think she and Tammy were going to last forever, did you?).

Grey’s Anatomy

Remember when we thought Derek was having an affair, but then he wasn’t, and then he died? Well, how’s this for a pitch: the twist would be that he did have an affair — just not with that woman. No, it was with Greer’s Tina, a nurse in D.C. who transfers to Grey Sloan and befriends Meredith with the idea that she’s making up for her past sins. See, Tina had a twin sister, but she died — oh, what a coincidence, Meredith also has a dead sister! — and has spent the years since her death desperately searching for a sisterly figure. As Greer proved when she guest-starred on Showtime’s Masters of Sex earlier this summer, she is more than capable of being a sympathetic-but-flawed character, and this kind of role would give her more time to develop that kind of character than just a single episode.

Broad City

Greer’s played the best friend quite a few times. But in this arc, she plays the woman Ilana and Abbi want to be best friends with but can’t. Literally: Greer’s an undercover cop who pretends to buy some weed off the duo before arresting them, resulting in them spending a memorable night in jail, and eventually still trying desperately to win her over because of her irresistible charm — even despite the fact that she, you know, only “befriended” them to get them in trouble. And, hey, maybe Ilana and Abbi — two of TV’s closest (and most amusing) buds — will even have a thing or two to teach Greer’s stone cold cop about friendship. 

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