John Locher/AP
Megan Daley
October 29, 2015 AT 03:25 PM EDT

A major takeaway from the first Democratic Presidential debate? Hillary Clinton makes excellent pinto beans. Well, at least, according to Bad Lip Reading.

Like the first Republican Presidential debate earlier this year, this month’s Democratic debate received the Bad Lip-Reading treatment, highlighting a few of moderator Anderson Cooper’s more hard-hitting questions, (“Where do babies come out of the mommies?” “Does anyone know this guy [Jim Webb]?” and “Should Anderson get a scooter?”). 

Of course, the candidates were given the opportunity to show off their talents (drawing, noun-listing), and Bernie Sanders took a moment to share a poem with the crowd — and his performance even garnered a standing ovation. Check out the spoof clip above. 

John Locher/AP

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