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November 02, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EST

Is Jane Doe really Taylor Shaw?

To put it simply, that’s just the first question at the top of a very long list viewers have when it comes to NBC’s new drama Blindspot, which wasted no time in revealing who Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) really was… maybe. Now there are conflicting test results that suggest Jane Doe grew up overseas, which is not what Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) remembers of his long-lost neighbor.

As Blindspot drops more clues about Jane’s identity — and those responsible for her killer amnesia and the tattoos inked across her body — EW decided to turn to executive producer Martin Gero to get some insight on what’s next:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: There seems to be some confusion as to whether Jane is actually Taylor Shaw. What can you tease of when you’ll get back to that issue?

MARTIN GERO: It’s something they talk about every now and again. For everybody, the tooth thing is a confusing piece for them, but for the most part, they all believe she’s Taylor Shaw. The tooth thing goes to, potentially, whether Weller truly understands what Taylor’s actual origin story is or not, as opposed to whether she’s Taylor Shaw or not.

As she continues to trigger random memories, are we going to see Jane discover some new tricks that she can do?

Oh yes, next episode. It’s a big one. All I’ll say is we did it all for real. That’s actually her doing it, and there’s no green screen. It was a terrifying thing to do, and I was very, very nervous about it. They did it way more badass than I even thought we could. Again, this is a show that hardly ever uses visual effects for our big-ticket items, and this one really got my pulse up, even just watching it the next day in dailies.

The next episode introduces Lou Diamond Phillips’ character, Guerrero. What can you tell us about him?

Obviously, it’s a big deal that they find him. That’s one of the cases from the pilot: It’s one of the first tattoos that Mayfair noticed on Jane’s body. Patterson (Ashley Johnson) has been kind of a dog with a bone trying to figure out what this case is. So finding him is a pretty big deal.

We’ve assumed that Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) may be bad because of her supposed connection to Daylight and Guerrero. Will more of her secrets come spilling out because of his introduction?

You’ll get a pretty good idea about what Mayfair’s been up to by the end of episode 8. [Episodes] 7 and 8 are huge shows for the mythology of the show. It’s hard to talk about it before it airs, because it kind of gives away what everything is.

Will whatever it is affect her dynamic with the team?


Now, you’ve got two mysteries in Daylight and Orion going on at the same time. Are they related at all?

They’re pretty different, but are connected.

How soon might we know answers to one or the other?

You’re going to have a very clear idea of what Daylight is relatively soon, and Orion, you might have to wait a beat.

The tattoos have been helping the team immensely, but can they keep trusting these tattoos?

Well, to be honest, that’s what the next episode is really about. The next episode is one of the most tattoo-heavy episodes ever. It’s as close to our Da Vinci Code episode that we’ve done. It’s an ongoing conversation. It’s something that they’re uneasy about, but some of them are starting to trust them implicitly, and some of them are still incredibly reticent about who did this to her, what the endgame is, and how their safety plays into it.

Are we going to get more clues as to why these mysterious people who did this to Jane pointed her in the direction of the FBI, why she seemed to volunteer, and how they seem to know so much about the future?

Well, I don’t know that she volunteered, necessarily. I’ll say that. I mean, she got injected. We don’t know under what circumstances. I’ve always said you’re going to get a lot of great answers this first season. This is not a show that’s going to make you wait for stuff. But also, unfortunately, when you get that information is really the twists of the episodes. The trick with these shows is not necessarily the turns, but also when the turns happen.

Could there be a science-fiction element into how they know so much about the future, or is this all grounded in the real world?

I think that’s a fun theory.

Jane doesn’t have any friends! Even her bodyguards wouldn’t have a drink with her. Will we see her form any real relationships in coming episodes?

Yeah, absolutely. They start to realize that Jane is a real person. As they grow to trust her, a lot of them develop increasingly complex relationships with her, not just Weller. Weller’s sorting through his own stuff with her. But I think certainly Patterson and Zapata (Audrey Esparza) start to realize they could be doing a better job at treating her as a person, as opposed to just … this crystal ball of corruption.

There is one person who seems to have had a relationship with her: The man with the tree tattoo! First off, should we infer anything from the fact that he also has tattoos?

Uh, no? I mean, he’s got tattoos. A lot of people do. They’re not connected through his tattoo.

They definitely had sex, right? That’s not just a dream?

Well, it was just a dream, but we’ll see in coming episodes what their relationship was.

It seems like you’re heading in the direction of a love triangle. How does the man with the tree tattoo complicate Jane’s feelings for Weller?

Right now, it’s just a dream that she doesn’t know if that was Weller or not. She wasn’t outside when we all saw that there was a real man with a tree tattoo. So for the time being, she’s still very fixated and focused on Weller, and the tree man is going to lurk in the shadows for a second. But she starts to have sporadic memories that piece together who he is. For Jane, episode 9 is a big one for us, and is maybe one of my favorites. She starts to ask Weller questions about his past, like has Weller ever been married, what kind of relationships he’s been in — because she’s trying to piece together who she was before this happened.

Will Weller and Jane actually address their feelings head-on at any point?

I’m sure it will happen eventually, yeah.

Will the unnamed, ruggedly handsome man (Johnny Whitworth) return even though he died?

That’s very likely, but he is for real dead.

Turning to Patterson, she’s been walking a fine line when it comes to the secrecy of these tattoos. Will she continue to break the rules to decipher these tattoos?

Well, the next episode is really, again, so fun. I’m a huge Patterson-David (Joe Dinicol) fan, and it’s really our first very heavy B-plot in an episode with our characters, and Patterson and David kind of go on a mini sub-adventure.

Can David be trusted?

You have to be real careful who you trust in this world.

Ana (Aimee Carrero), the hacker, had a great dynamic with Patterson. Will she be back?

Well, we have nothing firm, nothing can be announced, but it is something that we would really, really love to do and are talking about it a lot. We’re going to try to bring her back.

Zapata accepted money from Carter (Michael Gaston) to pay off her gambling debts. What is he going to expect of her now?

That’s a tricky question. Zapata underestimates Carter, which is a very dangerous thing. She thinks she’ll be able to take his money and control her interactions with him a little bit, but he’s a pretty dangerous entity. There’s a reason he’s this season’s big bad, you know? Her relationship with Carter is a lot more complicated than she can even imagine.

What can you tease of Carter’s next interaction with Jane?

It’ll be a second, because Mayfair’s doing a very good job of protecting Jane and keeping Carter pushed away, for the most part. So his interactions are going to mostly be, for the next handful of episodes, with Mayfair and Zapata.

Reade (Rob Brown) really doesn’t like Jane, it seems. He’s always throwing in some not-so-subtle shade. Why is he so against her inclusion on the team?

I don’t think he’s against her inclusion on the team; he’s just being reasonable. We all really like Jane, and so he seems like he’s a crazy rude person, but if you take a step back, Reade never has a bad point. A really nice moment for them in episode 4 was him saying, “It’s not that I don’t think you’re competent; I’m just worried, because you unbalance the team, and that’s dangerous.” That’s something that’s explored in episode 7, when he and Jane get some time alone together.

Will we get more into Reade’s background?

Yeah, Reade’s got stuff, and we’re just trying not to give everything away about everybody right away. So we have plans for Reade.

Is there anything you can tease about your winter finale?

You won’t want to miss it. It’s one of our biggest episodes yet. I have been pitching this twist since I pitched the show. I guess twist is wrong, but there’s a great cliffhanger at the end of episode 10, which hopefully will get you back for us when we come back in the winter.

Blindspot airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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