Dylan Kickham
November 03, 2015 AT 04:52 PM EST

Carly Rae Jepsen is reprising her role as Cinderella, but this time it’s in a grungy neon bar insteasd of the Broadway stage.

The Canadian pop star released the video for “Your Type” on Tuesday, her third single from the 2015 album E·MO·TION. The video opens with a late-night radio host basically “once up a time”-ing us into Jepsen’s modern retelling of Cinderella. We first see Jepsen in her down-and-out phase, behind the counter of a depressing night job. As she nods off on a bench after getting off work, we get a glimps of her pop star dreams: an elegant cape and sparkly jewelry holding a microphone stand. However, she’s quickly sent back to the real world when a pair of passersby steal her headphones.

Jepsen makes her way to a cheesy, nearly empty disco bar, which is her version of the grand ball from the Cinderella story. She gets ready in the bathroom, donning a yellow shirt covered in stars and a tiara, but when she takes to the stage to perform, the sparse crowd is uninterested. Thankfully, Jepsen can escape into her imagination, whenere she is a glitter-clad, metallic-boot-wearing superstar.

In one last little wink to Cinderella, it’s all about Jepsen’s shoes in the last shot, as she exits the club wearing the metallic boots from her dream superstar alterego. Dreams really do come true!

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