Michael Loccisano/Getty Images
Megan Daley
November 04, 2015 AT 04:11 PM EST

Bill Murray likes to joke, but when Bill Murray says he will throw you into a pool — he’s dead serious.

The celebrated comedian graces the December cover of Vanity Fair, and along with producer and pal Mitch Glazer, remembered the time they spent at a spa in Mexico prior to filming 1988’s Scrooged. Surrounded by a gaggle of Beverly Hills housewives, he made a promise he intended to keep. 

The woman, dressed up in a fur, asked Murray for an autograph while he was doing laps at the pool. He agreed, but warned that she’d be taking a dip in the pool as part of the bargain. (She laughed in response). And, of course, Murray ended up tossing the woman — fully clothed — into the pool. But, hey, that was the deal.

“That’s the kinda guy I am,” Murray said, as Glazer finished the story.  

You’ve been warned.   

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