Ariana Bacle
November 04, 2015 AT 04:04 PM EST

Donald Trump is set to host Saturday Night Live this week, but the presidential candidate told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Wednesday’s episode of New Day that he was initially set to appear in a single sketch.

“It actually started off as a skit,” Trump said. “And I said, ‘All right, I’ll do it.’ And they took it up to Lorne Michaels, who’s an amazing guy, he’s run Saturday Night Live brilliantly for many years, and he’s a friend of mine. He said, ‘Well, wait a minute: Donald’s agreed to do this skit. Would he do the whole thing?’ “

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As we now know, Donald would gladly do “the whole thing”: He told Cuomo he agreed partly because SNL is “iconic.” “It’s an honor,” he said.

Watch the interview here (they start discussing SNL at about the eight-minute mark).

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