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Christopher Rosen
November 04, 2015 AT 05:31 PM EST

Trevor Noah is no fan of the Iowa Republican party.

Speaking on Tuesday’s episode of The Daily Show, Noah blasted the group after it barred the Comedy Central program from covering a campaign event last weekend.

“The reason why they denied us was amazing,” Noah said. “As state GOP chairman Jeff Kaufmann explained, ‘We were afraid they were going to make fun of Iowa.'”

The GOP event, titled the Growth and Opportunity Party, was held on Saturday. “I bet we’ve got 10 or 15 Democrat-oriented blogs, liberal blogs. But anybody that I think is going to make fun of Iowa — they’re unwelcome,” Kaufmann, the Iowa GOP chairman, said in a statement when asked why The Daily Show failed to receive event access.

Noah saw things in a different way. “They were afraid of us,” he said, before joking about Iowa. “I’ve got no beef with the state of Iowa. Until three months ago, I didn’t even know it existed. I had heard the word, but I just thought it was something people said when they were listing states alphabetically.”

The Daily Show host also called Kaufmann “disingenuous” for his statement. “You shouldn’t hide behind Iowa,” he added. “You don’t want people making fun of your terrible candidates and your ridiculous event. As far as I’m concerned, the Iowa GOP can suck its own caucus.”

Watch below.

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