Will Robinson
November 05, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EST

While protesters prepare to march from Trump Tower to 30 Rockefeller Center to remonstrate against Donald Trump’s Saturday Night Live hosting appearance, comedian George Lopez teamed with Funny or Die to lampoon the presidential hopeful’s hosting gig.

In a new video, Lopez portrays a “Mexican Donald Trump” — Donaldo Trumpez — as he hosts the fictional Noche de Sábado en Vivo

Lopez appears dressed as Humpty Dumpty Trumpty (complete with hat), and is joined by singers who lament his recent tumble in the polls. Trumpez remembers happier times, when he could “call a foreigner a rapist. Or refer to a female ‘candidate’ as ugly” to elicit cheers. Even the wall he built to prevent “lazy Americans” out of Mexico was well received.

His id — played by his hand — encourages him to keep striving to be a winner and build an even bigger wall.

See Lopez’s sketch in the video below.

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