Kelly Connolly
November 05, 2015 AT 02:01 PM EST

Joining the company of Tupac, Michael Jackson, and Li’l Sebastian, Jimmy Kimmel has become a hologram.

On Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Livethe host celebrated the 2015 Country Music Awards by sending a projection of himself to Nashville — though he didn’t lose his Los Angeles sensibilities. 

“I’m three dimensional, but I’m not real — like most of the people you meet in L.A.,” said Kimmel to his audience in Tennessee.

The hologram’s green screen technology made a few other tricks possible, allowing the host to juggle, summon a cowboy hat, and speak to the floating head of sidekick Guillermo. But his most impressive feat came when he attempted a selfie with an audience member. Getting the right angle has never been so crucial.

“This is why I dropped out of weatherman school,” Kimmel joked.

Check out the clip to see whether hologram selfies could become the wave of the future.

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