Devan Coggan
November 08, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EST

Usually when Drunk Uncle stops by the Saturday Night Live Weekend Update desk, he spends most of his screen time ranting and grumbling. But returning for the first time this season, he was in a decidedly better mood, all thanks to the episode’s host: Donald Trump.

Drunk Uncle, played by Bobby Moynihan, traded his usual grumpiness for enthusiastic cheers of “It’s Trump time, baby!” and he dissolved into tears when Colin Jost asked him exactly why he loves Trump so much.

 “I don’t just like him, Colin,” he said. “I love him. He’s gonna make America grapes again. He’s got it all, Colin. He’s got everything. He’s got money, women, TV shows, plaza, Miss America, orange hair. He’s perfect. He’s like a big old beautiful monopoly man.”

As Drunk Uncle explained, he and Trump “have like a million things in common,” from their love of “White Russians” to their views on, um, crime. Watch Drunk Uncle’s Weekend Update appearance below, and read EW’s full recap of Trump’s episode here.

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