Ray Rahman
November 09, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EST

Okay, “not great” might actually be too kind a way to describe The Bedford Stop, a mysterious new reality series named after a part of Brooklyn, New York, that was last considered cool about nine years ago. Consider it a low-budget, lower-concept version of The Hills, but set in Williamsburg.

The pilot episode follows a group of recent college graduates as they pose for professionally shot Tinder profile photos, go to brunch to discuss Tinder dates, and hit up bars to look at Tinder. Come to think of it, this might all be some terrible-brilliant-terrible-again viral marketing for Tinder, because it’s hard to say exactly who’s funding the show, or what their goals are. But maybe that’s simply not the point.

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Nevertheless, The Bedford Stop is quickly being panned by all of the Internet. Here’s a sampling of the reviews:

“All your hate-watching needs.” —FreeWilliamsburg

“I want to kill everyone.” —Vice

“Too stupid to get mad at.” —Brokelyn

“It’s not a parody.” —Paper

“My whole life fell apart.” —Jezebel

Curious? Of course you are. Here’s the 16-minute pilot of what might be the worst TV show on the Internet:

And there’s more clips available on their official site. The ball is now in your court, TV executives!

UPDATE: The site Bedford + Bowery has scored an interview with show’s “stars,” which you can read here.

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