Christopher Rosen
November 09, 2015 AT 04:11 PM EST

Laverne Cox has been part of the Eddie Redmayne appreciation society for some time.

“Eddie Redmayne is brilliant. He is a brilliant actor,” Cox told Elle in September when asked about Redmayne playing transgender pioneer Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl. “I cannot wait to see him do the role. I think he will be great.”

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On Saturday night in New York, Cox got her wish: the Orange is the New Black star attended a screening of The Danish Girl and met Redmayne for the first time during an after party for the event.

Laverne Cox & Eddie Redmayne at screening of 'The Danish Girl'


To play Elbe, the first person to undergo gender confirmation surgery, Redmayne sought the council of many members of the transgender community. “Every single woman I met, bar none, said ask me anything,” the Oscar-winning actor said in September at the Toronto International Film Festival. “The need for cisgender people to understand what trans people have gone through is huge and incredibly important.”

The Danish Girl is out on Nov. 27.

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