Jonathon Dornbush
November 10, 2015 AT 08:32 PM EST

If you came out of seeing Terminator Genisys and were utterly confused by what happened or what any of the dialogue meant, fear not — as the Screen Junkies note, even the film’s cast had little idea what happened during the time-travel plot.

The latest honest trailer tackles this summer’s domestic box office disappointment that was meant to reignite the franchise, fueled by nostalgic moments, returning faces, and more. Instead, as the trailer points out, it muddied the storyline — with exposition mostly left to Arnold Schwarzenegger to spout — and simply regurgitated scenes, dialogue, and more from the first two beloved films. (And for those looking for answers, even director Alan Taylor said some of them weren’t in the film).

Watch the trailer above to see the full suite of disappointment in Terminator Genisys, and in James Cameron for praising the film before it was released.

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