Comedy Central
Jonathon Dornbush
November 10, 2015 AT 01:42 PM EST

Faced with racist taunting and other demeaning behavior and harassment, the University of Missouri football team, the Missouri Tigers, began protesting and refusing to play unless the school’s president, Tim Wolfe, resigned.

And amid the national coverage of the story, Wolfe resigned on Monday, with Mizzou’s chancellor also resigning later that day. Trevor Noah took the news as a chance to not just congratulate the football team on their success, but to suggest what the protest means for all racially fueled movements.

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“Black people, this is huge. Do you understand what this means?” Noah said. “If you want to change something in America, you don’t need to march or riot, you just threaten to take the black people out of sports.”

Watch Noah’s full take on Wolfe’s resignation below, as well as his belief that when a swastika is painted in feces on a dorm wall, the joke is really on the ones doing that writing.

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