Comedy Central
Jonathon Dornbush
November 11, 2015 AT 02:20 PM EST

Tracking how the news media addresses the “war on Christmas” has been a staple of The Daily Show‘s holiday coverage for years, and Trevor Noah continues to carry the torch thanks to the uproar surrounding Starbucks’ newest cups.

Noah addressed the outrage brewing against Starbucks for the company’s annual holiday cups, which this year feature a simple all-red design and Starbucks logo, without any seasonal or, specifically Christmas, design. (As Noah points out the cups still bear the red and green colors of Christmas.)

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But the anger over Starbucks’ war on Christmas also came from someone who happens to be running for a presidential nomination — Donald Trump. In the clip below, Noah addresses Trump’s comments suggesting a boycott of the company, even though he has “one of the most successful Starbucks” around in Trump Tower.

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