Dylan Kickham
November 12, 2015 AT 04:59 PM EST

American Horror Story is officially getting another installment, which is exciting news, but now all we can do is think about what new, twisted theme creator Ryan Murphy will have in store for season 6. Murphy previously said he has two ideas for this upcoming season, but wouldn’t reveal any specifics. The only detail he did slip, however, is that one of his ideas has been “mentioned in several seasons.” Hmm, interesting. Here are our guesses for what the new season might be.

AHS: Area 51

Aliens played a large part in the show’s second season, but were still only a side story. Perhaps next we will get a full installment focused on visitors from another planet. We know Evan Peters wants a season set in space, but Murphy noted that idea would go against the first word of his series’ title. “It’s not Intergalactic Horror Story,” he stated at EW Fest. Nonetheless, the story doesn’t have to be set in space to be about aliens. Area 51 is based in America, and a hotbed for alien conspiracy, after all.

AHS: Demons

The show gave birth to the Antichrist in season 1 and focused on demonic possession the following year, so it could make sense to have a season devoted entirely to inhuman malevolent entities. The new installment could focus on a devil-worshipping cult, or on demonic spirits that have possessed humans. Perhaps we’ll even check back in on the Antichrist, Michael, whom we met at the end of season 1, or maybe the demonic Sister Mary Eunice will come back from the dead.

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AHS: High School

If you look at Murphy’s track record, he loves writing campy shows about the high school experience. Take Popular and Glee, for example. Scream Queens is also in this campy, school-centric style, although set in college. Surprisingly, Murphy has yet to set an installment of American Horror Story in a high school. There is that chilling flashback scene from season 1 in which Tate massacres everyone in his high school, and the coven from season 3 is technically a boarding school for young girls, so the idea isn’t totally unprecedented in AHS history.

AHS: Broadway

Murphy is a sucker for a good song and dance number. Glee is proof enough, but he also incorporated it into American Horror Story a few times in the past. In season 2, Jessica Lange sings a full version of “The Name Game” with choreography and back-up dancers, and in season 4, she opens the season by performing David Bowie’s “Life On Mars.” And now that he has already asked Lady Gaga back for next season, it would be the perfect time for Murphy to combine his love for the macabre and the melodious.

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AHS: Hospital

Medical experimentation has been a running theme in various seasons of AHS, so it might finally be time for terrifying surgeries and diseases to be in the spotlight with a season of its own. The Murder House that season 1 was centered on was built by a doctor who secretly performed abortions and sewed his own son together to create a monstronsity. Dr. Arden in season 2 was a Nazi doctor who experimented on the asylum inmates to create horrifying beasts, and even in the current fifth season, Chloe Sevigny’s character works in a hospital, where she creates a vampire outbreak.

AHS: Orphanage

Parenthood has been a major theme of pretty much every season of AHS, and an orphanage could be the creepy institution that Murphy has yet to explore. It could be the perfect follow-up since the current season has Gaga running her own weird, vampire “orphanage” for children who were neglected. It could also give Murphy a new generation of young AHS actors, while his usual crew plays the orphanage caretakers or potential adoptive parents.


AHS: Fast Food

What’s more American and horrific than fast food? We saw a dreary fast food place as Queenie’s version of hell in season 3, and the theme could also riff on a Sweeney Todd-esque idea of butchering people and serving them as food. Bon appetit!

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