Amanda Michelle Steiner
November 12, 2015 AT 01:52 PM EST

Emmy winner Viola Davis revealed herself to be a bit of a perfectionist during her appearance on Wednesday’s Late Show.

Though she said it wasn’t her style to continue harping on her historic Emmy win — “I’m over the trophy” — Davis did admit that she does occasionally “get a little high” off the win when she remembers that she lost in a Rhode Island beauty pageant when she was 6 years old. “In my brain, I always feel like loser. So when I win something, I’m like, ‘This is great!’ ” she told host Stephen Colbert.

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She added that whenever she takes home a statue, she can’t help but remember that “drooling” 6-year-old who wet her pants when she lost. Considering Davis has been nominated for two Oscars and has yet to win, it’s a good thing she’s developed a new coping mechanism for loss. 

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