Jonathon Dornbush
November 13, 2015 AT 02:16 PM EST

James McAvoy’s Charles Xavier is one of the most powerful telepaths in the X-Men universe. And the man portraying Professor X in X-Men: Apocalypse certainly knows which of his fellow X-Men can’t quite stack up to Xavier’s powers.

Appearing on Watch What Happens Live with his Victor Frankenstein costar Daniel Radcliffe, McAvoy was asked by a caller which X-Men has the worst power. He takes a stab at The Avengers‘ Hawkeye while thinking of an answer, but eventually he lands on Jubilee’s ability to shoot firework-like energy bursts out of her hands.

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“Fireworks [shooting] out of your fingers kind of suck,” McAvoy explained of the character, specifically referencing her X-Men animated series form. In the film, however, he says Jubilee will actually be billed more as a “mistress of electricity” in the film. But McAvoy is forgetting one important, disgusting X-Men — Maggott, whose powers include a digestive system comprised of two slugs that can eat through just about any substance. Imagine walking around with two giant slugs on your arms all day and suddenly Jubilee’s powers seem much more exciting.

Watch McAvoy’s full answer below, in which the actor remembers Jubilee’s powers, but momentarily forgets one other important aspect of her in the film.

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