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Will Robinson
November 13, 2015 AT 10:44 PM EST

At this point, it’s nearly tradition: Whenever a major science-fiction film is released, astrophysicist and TV personality Neil deGrasse Tyson gives his commentary and confirms or debunks Hollywood’s take on science (see: The Martian, Interstellar, Gravity). But not everyone is a fan of his tweets.

Tyson read some messages from his critics for National Geographic. But unlike Jimmy Kimmel’s edition of mean tweets, Tyson responded with more than a quip. Take the first message from @JoshFromSchool, who claimed “nobody watches science movies for the science.” Dr. Tyson: your response?

“I wouldn’t say nobody watches the science-fiction movies for the science. I would say for sure @JoshFromSchool doesn’t watch the science-fiction movies for the science.” Good opening retort. But Tyson continues. “But if you watch science-fiction movies for the science, you can get ideas about how to invent tomorrow.

“So among all those who are inventing tomorrow, I do not expect to see @JoshFromSchool among them.” Total burn. @JoshFromSchool’s response?

See Tyson replying to his critics below. His celebrity talk show, StarTalk airs Sundays at 11 p.m. ET on the National Geographic Channel.

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