Dalton Ross
November 13, 2015 AT 05:41 PM EST

The debate on whether Glenn is dead or alive rages on. But before Nicholas blew his own brains out, causing the pair to fall into a sea of ravenous zombies, we caught up with Steven Yeun during an EW Walking Dead photo shoot to get the answer to another burning question we had: What is the actor’s favorite day ever on set of the AMC hit?

Turns out there are a few of them, but they all share something in common. “There’s a lot,” says Yeun. “I think, collectively, every first scene that we’re all in together of every first episode of every season is probably my favorite. It’s one of those where everybody is still nervous — even after six years we’re nervous that we have to shoot this show. We’re scared of making mistakes. We’re scared of not doing a good job.”

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For Yeun, it is all about the communal aspect of being back together with his castmates. “I mean, you just get into it with the group and everybody’s just firing on all cylinders and everything is just chaotic and controlled chaos around you. And that is always the most fun because after ‘cut’ we always look at each other, and Andy, Norman and I will be like, ‘That was awesome. We’re back.’ And that, to me, is my favorite part of every season.”

The Walking Dead is definitely that kind of set, where the camaraderie of the actors matches that of the characters. Here’s hoping Yeun will get to experience more of those big group scenes in seasons to come.

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