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Christopher Rosen
November 18, 2015 AT 03:16 PM EST

It’s long been speculated that Taylor Swift wrote a few songs from 1989 — maybe “Style” and “Out of the Woods” — about her brief relationship with Harry Styles. But when Ellen DeGeneres asked the four members of One Direction if they ever had a song written about them, Styles at first said no.

The query came as part of DeGeneres’ latest round of Never Have I Ever. After Styles answered “I Have Never” to the songwriting question, DeGeneres kindly chided him. “We’re not going to play if you’re going to lie,” she said. “We’re very honest in this studio, we’re very truthful.” She then turned his card around to show “I Have.”

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It didn’t get much better for Styles from there. After DeGeneres asked if the foursome had ever made out with someone double their age, Styles refused to answer. “I’m not having fun,” he joked. But maybe he started to later: Styles was the only One Direction member to admit to hooking up with a fan.

Watch below.

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