Michael Rozman/Warner Bros
Amanda Michelle Steiner
November 19, 2015 AT 03:16 PM EST

Ellen DeGeneres needs to brush up on her Bryan Cranston trivia. 

The former Breaking Bad actor stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show for a segment airing Wednesday called “You Lyin’, Bryan?” The game is simple: Cranston was to make a statement about himself, and, in response, DeGeneres would hold up a paddle that reads “You Lyin’ ” on one side and has a photo of Bryan Cranston’s face on the other.

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If anything, the game revealed that Cranston earned every one of those four acting Emmys, and either DeGeneres knows nothing about her guest, or that she has an incredibly good poker face. Each of his stories — his Breaking Bad tattoo, being a one-time murder suspect, and having once been covered with 100,000 bees — are all anecdotes part of his regular interview rotation. But hey, it’s a delight to hear him tell them. Check it out below. 

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